We host and organize high-end, red carpet, business networking events that are hyper social focused, from philosophy to implementation. Our members love that we are not your traditional networking organization. Very often our events are jam packed with entertainment.  Comedians, fashion shows and even magicians are common place as we love to surprise you!!  Our events are an experience and we have built a community atmosphere. We truly make networking fun!!!

Our central tenet is that developing a social relationship will lead to a friendship and ultimately result in business. This adheres to the old adage of “you do business with people you like”, and we have found this to be an absolute truth. So we decided to add the “fun” into networking and build friendships along the way.

Friends want to spend time with each other and are inclined to help each other. We continue to see an escalating number of success stories evidencing the value of our unique approach of combining social connectivity and fun for people to develop real relationships. This results in friendships which eventually lead to business.  The best thing is that with the foundation of the relationship based in a social connection and ultimately a friendship, the bond is stronger and longer lasting. Our events include multiple monthly morning breakfast referral groups (where members join to have exclusivity for their business category).   You can attend one event as a non member – just contact us at [email protected] to be invited, as we are an invite only membership community.